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✨Candidate introduction✨

Thank you very much to all the friends who participated!

We have seen too many angels!?

After a difficult choice, we selected the following five candidates.

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NO.1 Candidate


To infinity and beyond with Goldshell miners and Dogecoin. I would not board the spaceship without my Dobie though. PS- literally took countless shots to get these pictures. Had to tie her favourite treat under the Moon to get her to look at it

NO.2 Candidate


Hey@goldshellminer, mama said I can go to the moon. I even brought my space suit. – Apollo ?

NO.3 Candidate


My Fluffy wants a Mini-Doge friend. Goldshell, please send Fluffy the Mini-Doge…. Fluffy promise to take good care of it!Smiling face with 3 hearts

NO.4 Candidate


We love Dogecoin and want to spread the word. Decentralize the blockchain with Mini-miners. If I win this Miner then 100% of the money goes to dog food/treats!!! If a dog can hodl this many sticks then a human like me can hodl a couple coins!

NO.5 Candidate


Meet Harmony, this broken soul came into our lives through a foster program. The love of my family has taught this Doge that there are good humans on this planet!

To thank the candidates for their enthusiasm.
?Goldshell decided: In addition to the final winner, the other 4 candidates can also get a MINI-DOGE.

Want to admire other angels? Click: ?Other lovely dogs