Want a Doge Ⅱ

Want a Doge | Make more fun with your doggy

We received many friends’ passions and their cutey puppy last round, and we here to announce, we are opening the second round of “Want A Doge” event now.

This round, we are preparing a more interesting event!

The TOP1 –winner DOG will receive the special Mini-Doge box with his/her selfie!

Our designer is ready to draw the picture for the winner,

Are you ready to join in the event?

  How to join in?

  Register: March 14th to March 18th

  First vote: March 19th to March 20th 

  Final: March 21st


  1. Follow Goldshell Twitter @ goldshellminer
  2. Hold a paper with your twitter name and take a photo with your dog together. Share more stories to get more likes and comments.
  3. Tweet with hashtag #goldshell #dogearmy #dogecoin
  • (Content contains photos and hashtags, whatever comments, QT or self-tweet are all seen to participate)

Our first player wanna show as an example

THREE candidates will be selected by Goldshell team and supporters, and vote publicly on Twitter

Remark: each user can ONLY sign up once