Want a Doge

Want a doge | An invitation for your doggy

The Huge influence of Dogecoin let us know about that cute Shiba Inu dog.

Looking at our own puppies, they are all fluffy, cutey and bring us countless joys and touches in life.

From June 10th, We start to collect lovely doggy around the world.

Joining in the event, you could win a BIG prize and the designers of Goldshell will design creative illustrations for your doggy.

It is possible to join the Goldshell creative product family.

Case appreciation:

Join and catch up!

EVENT UPDATE:  find all participants  IN This Twitter Link

Event time:

2021/06/10 – 2021/06/20


★ The DOGE

5000 Dogecoin

2 Mini-DOGE (Give the dog some rewards every day)

It is possible to join the Goldshell creative product family.

★ Lucky Prize: 5 participants, 1 Mini-DOGE/ person

How to Join in?

Register: 2021/06/10 – 2021/06/15


  • 1.   Follow Goldshell twitter @goldshellminer
  • 2. Hold a paper with your twitter name and take a photo with your dog together
  • 3. Tweet with Hashtag #goldshell #Dogecoin #MINIDOGE
  • (Content contains photos and hashtags, whatever comments, QT or self-tweet are all seen to participate)

My dog ​​is very happy to give you an example:

Five doggies will be selected by Goldshell team and community members, they will enter to voting round

(SO!!! suggest you share the story between you to attract us)

How to get lucky Prize:

2021/06/17 – 2021/06/20

Retweet the voting by Goldshell on June 17th and pick your favorite dog

At the end of the event, the “Winner-Doggy” will randomly select 5 lucky users from the retweet list, each user will get 1 Mini-DOGE as a gift.

Just join and share your doggy, get more people to love it.

Remark: each user can ONLY sign up once.