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Goldshell Chinese New Year Holiday Notification

After-sale FAQ

To provide better after-sale service to our honored customers, we have sorted out the following frequently asked questions and some online solutions. We hope this can help you, and make the communication between us more efficiently.

Question1 Connectors Got Burnt

Out of warranty: You can buy 6 pin connectors online (search this : 伍尔特 MPC4 弯插件双排2x3p 4.2mmPitch 64900629522), then replace by yourself or your electrician.

Under warranty: create an after-sale ticket. Attach pictures of the miner and PSU.

Question 2 “Failed to start up” Shows on the Miner Dashboard

Reset the miner for several times. Press the reset button for about 10 seconds.

If this doesn’t work, you can create an after-sale ticket, attach a screenshot of the miner dashboard.

Question 3 Connect to the Pool but No Hashing

Box Series

Create an after-sale ticket, attach 1. Video of the indicator lights 2. Screenshots of the Home and Miner page from the miner backstage 3. Logs from the miner’s debug website. The following pictures will show you how to do this (add “debug” after the ip). And please compress all the files in a package. There is no save button on the CHIPS. But you can take screenshots of it.

Series II, V, VI

Create an after-sale ticket, attach 1. Screenshot of the miner dashboard 2. Logs from the miner’s debug website, please follow the above instructions of Box series.

Questions 4 Failed to Connect to Pool

  1. Please check your pool setting, make sure everything is alright.
  2. Please make sure there is no antivirus software in your computer is blocking you visit the pool.
  3. Please make sure the pool can successfully connect to your router.

If all these don’t work, please create an after-sale ticket, attach the whole screenshots of the Home and Miner page from the miner backstage.

Question 5 IP Address Can’t be Found

If your WIFI version miner can’ be found on https://find.goldshell.com/, please first install the antenna, then let this miner connect to your local WIFI follow the instruction:

1.When you turn on the miner, the miner itself is a hotspot without password. Your cellphone or computer can connect to it.

2. Then reach out to the settled ip address using your browser of your phone or computer. (Just type on your browser)

3. When you reach the miner dashboard through the default IP address, find the WIFI setting on the System Tab from the miner dashboard.

4. Click the WLAN button

Find your local WIFI, input the correct password, and then connect.

6. When the miner successfully connects to the WIFI, its hotspot will disappear, please jump to https://find.goldshell.com/, then press the IP button.
7. If you don’t want to use the WIFI, you can turn it off from the miner dashboard, then restart the machine.

If WIFI doesn’t work or if it is not WIFI version, please first check the status of your network. Make sure this miner and your computer are under the same net, same frequency band. Make sure your router won’t prohibit new ip address. Make sure there is no antivirus software is blocking you visit the miner. Then create an after-sale ticket, attach a video of the indicator lights.

1. Please attach necessary pictures or files to help us solve your issue more efficiently when submit tickets.
2. If you have other issues of your miner, describe it as specific as you can with some pictures or videos.

Thank you for your kind attention and support!