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Mini-DOGE New Design

New design will meet customers as random surprise. Hope for your image feedback.

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Goldshell Telegram Event

Duration: 14th – 20th Sep
Prize: 1 New Design Mini-Doge
All you need:
1. A photo of your Goldshell miner & telegram username
2. Your imagination & Creativity

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PSU For FREE——BOX Family

Participating Box:HS-BOX & LB-BOX & CK-BOX & KD-BOX

Duration:September 18th-19th in Beijing time

For every 4 BOX purchased, we will give 1  free Goldshell customize Power Supply (Can use for 4 BOX Model)

e.g.  If you order 4 BOX a single purchase, we will give you 1 PSU; If you order 8 BOX a single purchase, we will give you 2 PSU

Limited amount, while stock last.

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