Review of “Want A Doge” Event

Review of “Want A Doge” Event

We received many friends’ passions and their cutey puppy last round, and we decided to make “Want A Doge” event as a long-term activity for whose loves Dogs and Dogearmy supporters.

Dog, He’s Cute, Fluffy, and is Going To Change Your Life.

The second round of “Want A Doge” event was open from March 14 to March 28. We took register stage, first vote, candidate announcement, and final vote section. And with all supporters and friends’ participations, THREE candidates were selected by community members and us.


Take a look at their cutey doggy’ profile:

Through voted by public, candidate @Zamarachick received more attraction and loves! She will receive the special Mini Doge-Pro box with her doggy selfie on the box side! Our designer is ready to do for her!

Let’s take a quick look at other puppies’ beautiful picture:

Goldshell really appreciated all friends, customers and supporters keep close brand with us. We total received 150,920 view impression on Twitter during this event! All of you made this together!

If you miss this round, no worries to wait, the third round is on the plan!

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