Maintenance Policies

Maintenance Policies


Ⅰ. Free Maintenance

If your product is under warranty, we will Maintain the product for free and will pay for the return postage.

  • Warranty Period:After-Sales Maintenance Service period starting from the date of delivery. The complimentary after-sales service within 180 nature days.

Ⅱ. Non-maintenance

We reserve the right to make such diagnoses as may be necessary in order to determine the cause of the defect and will not provide repair service under the following circumstances:

  1. Product has been lost before the arrival at the service location;
  2. Product is damaged due to the use of third-party or over-frequency software;
  3.  Any Product other than Goldshell;
  4. Scratches or other cosmetic damage to Product surfaces that do not affect the operation of the Product;
  5. Scrap;
  6. Fraud as determined by us, including, but not limited to, deliberately forging or replacing barcodes of Products or parts, or other attempts to obtain After-Sales Maintenance Service that the customer is not otherwise entitled to. Products and parts that do not have the original barcodes will not be eligible for maintenance.

Ⅲ. Maintenance with Charges

We reserve the right to charge fees for repair Services under the following circumstances:

  • Product with an expired warranty: the warranty of the Product has expired when the Support Ticket is created ( as such date is indicated on this website)
  • Voided warranty due to:

  1. Product damage caused by improper installation, use  or maintenance;
  2. Product damage or failure caused by dropping, accident, theft, abuse, negligence, improper operation;
  3. Product damage caused by physical interference, including but not limited to moisture, fire, flood, lightning, transportation, and extreme environment;
  4. The entire Product, the board, or components of the board are crushed, broken, burnt, dropped, damaged due to improper operation;
  5. Product damage caused by overvoltage or undervoltage or leakage;
  6. Product damage caused by significant higher or lower ambient temperature exposure;
  7. Product damage caused by humidity, oxidation, corrosion and short circuit to the Product, units or any part thereof;
  8. Product damage or loss caused by natural disasters, including, but not limited to, floods, lightning, fires, earthquakes, tsunamis and lightning strikes, etc.
  9. Disassembly or alteration of Product by any person other than us or an authorized service provider of us;
  10. Product damage or failure caused by the use of power supply, parts or units which are neither supplied by us nor our authorized providers;
  11. Unauthorized changes on firmware and hardware;
  12. Product damage or failure caused by the use of unauthorized firmware or drivers, including but not limited to firmware that enables users to apply an over frequency setting;
  13. Product damage resulting from non-commonality and/or incompatibility with current and/or future versions of operating systems, software and/or hardware;
  14. Damage or loss of data due to improper use;
  15. Product without original barcode or SN label or which has been altered, defaced or removed;
  16. Mixed boards: any or all of the hash boards or control boards in a Product are not the original parts of such Product, or anything preventing us from determining whether the hash boards or control boards are the original parts of such Product;
  17. Direct operation of Product without being connected to drainage assemblies (applicable to Products requiring connection to drainage assemblies);
  18. Daily wear and tear;
  19. Any reason other than those caused by us that makes it impossible for us to diagnose whether the Product is under warranty.

Ⅳ. Transportation for Maintenance

  • Please fill in the Maintenance Confirmation Form according to the instructions of the staff
  • Please follow the instructions of the after-sales staff to deliver the product to the service location
  • Under the following circumstances, we have the right to refuse servicing your Product:

  1. You have not created a Support Ticket properly or at all.
  2. You have not fill in the Maintenance Confirmation.
  3. The product you sent does not match the information in the Maintenance Confirmation
  4. The customer provided the wrong tracking number.

Ⅴ. Fees and Payment

You can refer to [Payment for repair ticket] for more details about service fees; however, that the exact amount of the service fee shall be determined at the time of service.

Ⅵ. Compensation

  • If the new miner you received is damaged [Miner can’t boot], we will replace you with a new miner for free and reimburse the postage.

* We do not provide free services to the parts of the miner dropped by third-party logistics.


  • We will reject to make compensation in the following circumstances
    1. Miners have been used.
    2. The miners are destroyed by man or third-party services.
    3.The miners cannot be dropped or damaged due to incorrect usage.(Wrong voltage/installation)


  • Reimbursement of freight
    1. Use logistics channels designated by after-sales staff.
    2.Provide corresponding bills and payment vouchers.
    3.Shipping fee will be refunded after the products arrive at the designated service point.