HS1 – Handshake Miner

Goldshell HS1

Silence, Small, Efficient

50GH/s   |   57W   |   1.14W/G
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Product Parameters

Hashrate:       50GH/s(+-5%)

Wall Power:  57W(+-5%)

Fan Speed:    3000 RPM

Noise:             ≤34db

Connection:       USB

Dimension:        132(L) * 96(W) * 85(H)mm

Weight:                0.564kg

Power Adapter: 12V~5A

Low Power

Best Price

High Performance ASIC

Less is More

Goldshell H1 is equipped with a high performance ASIC. Powerful hashrate in a small body, inspiring a new era of cryptocurrency mining.


Customized ASIC


Low Power

High Efficiency

1GH/s, consuming 1.1w of energy, while providing an extremely efficient mining experience.

Portable Design

A single USB plug and power cable is all you need!
At around 1 pound, you can even carry it in your hand.


Small & Elegant


Customized Mining Software

Easy-to-use Control Panel

With its user-friendly interface, getting setup is fast and easy.

goldshell miner software

Open Protocol

Goldshell is doing our best to contribute with our small team to the open source community. Any existing mining client can support the HS1 miner by implementing its communication protocol. Please visit https://github.com/goldshellminer/HS1


Open Source