Goldshell hosted “Discord KDBOX-PRO Giveaway Event” with our friend @KDAMiningClub on last Monday (September 5th). With One week of participation, we final selected and announced TWO winners on the discord server on Wednesday (September 14th).

Congratz to the winners: @host logic#3117 @Kaushal#1759, and thank all friends who joined in the contest.

Goldshell Discord:

Goldshell has setup an official discord server: We have #welcome, #announcement, #after-sale supports, #events, #main-chat, #miner-discussion, #miner-photos channels. Besides, users need to complete #rules and #verify process to enter this server.

Why discord: “It allowed a high-quality voice, video, text chat/sharing in community, and do a whole lot more (Game, vote, support). All the members will get special Goldshell emoji on this server… Users on Discord can protect themselves by disabling DM from this server.”

If you have any questions or support on Discord, send a DM message to our admin @Goldshell James and @Sylvia | Goldshell . They will reply and help you in a short time.

Get special Goldshell sticker on Discord server NOW!

About @KDAMiningClub

Kadena Mining Club is a business selling hash power on the Kadena network to buyers via the sale of NFTs. The NFTs are linked directly to ASIC miners (eg: Goldshell KD-MAX), and mining payments are sent directly to wallet that holds the NFT. Generally, buying a KMC NFT means buying Kadena mining hashrate. Its mission is to decentralize mining and make it available for everyone around the globe.
At the current state of the collection, there are “Popejoy” Miner, “Martino” Miner, The Doctor, Spaceman Miner, “The CEO”, Green Energy Miner.
Check more information via social media platforms:


Giveaway Event

Easy and fun to join the event, just tell us why you want to win a KD-Box Pro! Both TWO discord received thousands of comments from users.

“Have started by starting some flux nodes. Spent a lot of time research between projects and owning a miner to run myself(which I was leaning towards) but opted to invest in the kmc nft as it seems like the best options….I can help support and contribute to my favorite ecosystem while making it secure”

“Once I started to learn more about crypto, during the last Bull Run, I decided to build a rig…The whole Idea of crypto is amazing and the community is gold…with a little research I learned about the Gold Shell products and thought “Okay, this is the way to get into the ASIC field too.””…

“Happy to be a small part of this growing ecosystem. PoW is the only way i see any blockchain surviving long term as a decentralized system. To me Kadena has solved all the issues created by its predecessor’s and i hope to have a part in helping to support the projects that help this ecosystem grow into the solution of the future”

“Started with building CPU miners and adding a GPU when they would somewhat drop in price. Would be awesome to have a ASIC miner to add to my hobby farm”

“I have tried other mining options with GPU and HNT miners to always be disappointed and more in debt then when I started. I feel that KDA mining is by far the best opportunity available but so far have been unable to save up enough to afford a Goldshell KDA miner.”

“I continue to stand by and support Kadena via Goldshell, as I believe Kadena will truly show its positive impact once the Bull market is in full gear.”

We sincerely thank all friends who joined and shared your opinion on #Kadena ecosystem, support Goldshell and @KDAMiningClub.
Those who missed the giveaway can still purchase the collaborative KDBOX-PRO. The picture was painted on the Noir box, not a sticker.

It is now available on SHOP, Apply Promo-code “PATIENCE” when you buy it.