Yesterday, we launched the #Handshake Q&A event with @Dxpool and @michael michelini together. They have shared their insights and/or plans on #Handshake development and its future, plus users care about some mining information.

Let’s quickly review the FIVE questions that were selected and answered by them.

Q1:What’s #Handshake current ecosystem development and future outlook?

michael michelini Response:
It has been over 2 years since $HNS mainnet, and I only joined in October 2020! A lot has changed — it has moved from purely domain auctions and buying/selling/flipping to building out domain reseller businesses. @Namecheap has started to sell #Handshake domains since Q3 2021.
More Like @Porkbun @encirca have started to offer domains @AgaaminT specialized in India, and @MiguelGargallo focusing on Europe. us at @SkyInclude1 focusing on Asia market. In addition to resellers, there are cool apps like @hnschat that lets you use your domain name as a username on an encrypted chat.So many amazing weekly newsletters from @DotTheShake gets me excited each week — I recommend all mining enthusiasts to subscribe to the newsletter.
@HNSOSS supports with grants for developers, and @hnsfund @bob_wallet_hns @dWebFoundation are supporting developers and builders on the $HNS ecosystem.
In summary to “what is the latest” in $HNS — it is a decentralized community (no central company) creating and building. @NamebaseHQ does amazing onramp for newbies (this is how I started), and there is a wide network of developers around the globe building a diverse network.

Q2: How does handshake intend to gain widespread adoption? If people have to download software in order to resolve handshake domain names it may discourage end-user adoption.

michael michelini Response:
POPULAR question! I am super excited that @impervious has come out with which is a browser that automatically resolves $HNS name, no software or plugins needed. very lightweight (I made video at ). May not want to install a new browser, @opera announced in new year’s they would integrate $HNS
We have had many twitter conversations with @BrendanEich at @brave for $HNS support, and I have faith it will happen one day or another as #Handshake keeps on building and is truly decentralized.

Maybe I am a “dreamer” but I do not want my 2 children, Miles and Maggie, to grow up in a world that is owned and controlled by Facebook. Google, Amazon, and Elon Musk.

$HNS is trying to do something amazing — but it is NOT competing with the current DNS internet, it is what @_chjj a co-founder of the project calls “A soft fork” for a clip of his speech at the 1st @handshakecon in March 2021.
Maybe Handshake will fail. Maybe the internet will continue to be controlled and owned and moderated by those handful of massive tech walled garden companies. But I want to spend my time trying to make the web3 more like the web1, and try to forget the mistakes we made w/web2.

Q3: What pool issues have users encountered and how did they resolve them?

@DxPool Answer:
Users are most concerned about hash power fluctuations and revenue-related issues. Here are some tips recommended for miners.

Hashrate fluctuation:
Observe the running state of the miner and pool network, If there is a problem with the whole $HNS network, the hash rate would be affected absolutely. This is rare, but we will post announcements and tell miners how to do it if it does happen.Most cases are network fluctuations, just reboot or change the network environment, or even replace a network cable, etc. If it is a machine’s issue, contact @goldshellminer after-sales or submit an online ticket.

Mining fee:
Our HNS mining fee is 3%, which is the same as other pools, but we’ve been doing mining coupon giveaways, winners will have a chance to mine for free!

The profit is related to the whole network. In the case of personal hash power unchanged, more and more people mine, the network hash power is getting higher and higher, then the proportion of personal hash power will decline, and the income will decline accordingly.Miners need to get more hash power when the $HNS whole network hash power is improved, so as to ensure getting.

Q4: Difficult to switch HNS and SC algorithm

Goldshell response:
Some users found it difficult to switch algorithms. We suggest upgrading to the latest 2.2.3 version to solve this problem. If still difficult to switch algo, you can contact our after-sales department for feedback and communication. Download firmware on Github.
Tips: The miner will display ZERO hashrate within a few seconds while switching algorithms. Due to the current algorithm doesn’t match the pool address, need users to delete and replace the correct pool address. Then, the hashrate will start to show up in one minute.

Q5: What‘s the plan for the box miners going forward?

Goldshell response:
Our $HNS miners have shipped to 80+countries, 3,000+ individuals have bought. More people have the miner, they will know more what Handshake can do, make community grow up.
Right now, we have BOX miners (entry-level), Lite series, and Professional miner levelLite series features Powerful mining performance, quiet for different environments, and wide voltage applications.
We released HS-Lite this year, offering the different miner types to ASIC market needs.

We will provide more competitive products in market, and continue to offer better customer service. Goldshell is open to accept different perspective on every topic. And we are glad to receive any feedback, suggestion from all of you.

In the end, Goldshell will contact 5 person via email, whose questions has been selected.

Thanks again to those who always support Goldshell and #Handshake community.