On Jan 25th, we launched the first online Q&A event with
@LBRY @LBRYPool @Odysee @LBRYF·oundation, team has shared their insights and/or plans on their project and future.

At the first stage (Jan.18th – 20th), we opened and collected around 3,000 questionnaires in total. The large majority of the audience showed their support and interest in the LBRY project and Goldshell as well. Thanks for all of your support and feedback!

Let’s quickly review the FIVE questions that were selected and answered by the LBRY team.

Q1: I would like to know more about the LBRY project, how it works, what it is for and what is the connection between Lbry and the Odysee. and maybe I would become the holder of LBRY. I would also like to see a machine with more LBRY mining power that is profitable and has a fair cost to pay for in 3 months. I would probably invest some money if I had that return.

LBRY Response:
“LBRY does to publishing what Bitcoin did to money. It’s a web3 tech that allows creators to truly own their identity online in a way that is unprecedented.
Odysee is the most common way that people access the LBRY network, over 30,000,000 use it each month!”

Q2: When is the SEC investigation projected to come to an end and is there anything the community can do to help the outcome?

LBRY Response:
“We expect the investigation to be resolved this year. The investigation is not a risk to the LBRY network, it’s just an annoyance for us. To support LBRY in this case, sign the petition at helplbrysavecrypto.com or contact your representative.”

@LBRY Foundation Response:
“The trial is scheduled for July, from there the proceedings will move forward. The foundation has filed an intervention to represent the community in the suit, and one thing the community can do is donate back to the LBRY Foundation to help cover our costs in this process! More info on how to donate coming soon! #HelpLBRYSaveCrypto”

Q3: I wish there was a bigger ecosystem but with the miners like goldshell it will help grow the mining community. I would love a Miner if my own and I love what you guys are doing for small miners. Please keep up the excellent work. Happy new year!!!!!!!!!

@LBRYPool Response:
“We are working to expand the ecosystem by offering more pools to mine on, https://lbrypool.net is currently community maintained and LIVE, we donate 1% of each mined block back to the LBRY Foundation to help support the community. More info on our site!”

Q4: How will Odysee help users transition from other popular video-sharing platforms?

@Odysee Response:
Currently, we make this really easy for YouTube content creators with our Channel Sync tool. Most prominent content creators have YouTube accounts already, so we can easily onboard them by mirroring all their old and newly uploaded content. This makes it a no brainer in most cases to sign up. Once they do that, they can easily invite their followers to check them out on Odysee, and thus, these new users can enjoy something very familiar to what they are used to, and also explore other areas. Users have a fairly straightforward onboarding process, have a platform that’s intended to look and feel similar to other video sites, and get to earn some cryptocurrency in the process.

Q5: Moving forward to 2022, what are the most important points in your roadmap, that need to be addressed the most? And what are the realistic goals that need to be met? Thank you.

LBRY Response:
LBRY is focused on three things in 2022: the creation of new 3rd-party apps (news, CAD file sharing, and audiobooks already in the works), improving decentralization and stability, and shifting the brand to a pure technology rather than a place to watch videos (that’s Odysee).

@LBRYPool Response:
Our roadmap for 2022 is going to consist of migrating from LBRYCRD to LBCD, which is a faster more versatile implementation of the LBRY Node currently under development on our dev pool. Our goal for this year is to become one of the leading mining pools for LBC.

@LBRY Foundation Response:
We are still developing our roadmap for 2022, but some high ticket items we plan to address include: More initiatives through Quadratic Funding, expanding our networking footprint, some legal items regarding our entity, and some fundraising initiatives.

@Odysee Response:
You can check out Odysee’s detailed priorities in our recent blog post: https://odysee.com/@Odysee:8/2022priorities:b. Mainly, we want to continue focusing on both creator and user experience to attract more of both, and also getting more applications like Odysee for Android out into the PlayStore (and APK of course). We’re also close to having the first version of a recommendation system ready for testing and deployment to a smaller subset of users — this will help users find more great content on Odysee, and creators to grow. Making sure creators have more and detailed analytics is also important, and an area that will be totally revamped in 2022.

Goldshell will contact 5 person via email, whose questions has been selected by the LBRY team. We will collect receiver information, and arrange the shipment after the holiday (Feb.11). Please check your inbox and reply to us.

Thanks again to those who always support Goldshell and,Happy Chinese New Year!