Prized Event by Goldshell

The spirit of the Internet is openness, equality, freedom, cooperation, and sharing. In the current Internet structure, several giants manage the domain name system. Because DNS is maintained by a centralized organization, it is easy to cause a series of network failures such as users’ DNS pollution. Therefore, the emergence of HNS, through decentralized DNS management and private key control of domain name rights, has solved various problems caused by centralized power. When more people understand and recognize HNS, the project will have a mass base and value. Relatively, the currency price will rise, and the entire ecosystem will establish a positive cycle.

In order to increase the popularity and influence of HNS, also to reward Goldshell customers. When the new product is about to be launched, the Goldshell team want to hold a campaign.


Goldshell’s new version of home miner HS1-PLUS

★These are the details you need to know

Activity format:
Internet users are encouraged to share their views and understanding of HNS in any form, such as HNS knowledge popularization articles, explanation videos, and of course, welcome to express their views on the products of the Goldshell team.

Activity platforms:
including but not limited to Twitter (please @goldshellminer and @HNS), YouTube, Reddit

Registration address:

(please make sure to submit your own work information)

This event is for the entire network. Whether you are a holder of Goldshell miner, holder of HNS currency, profession digital currency player or novice interested in blockchain, you are welcome to participate in the event

◆Expiration Date: 2020.09.07


★Contribution Award:
This award is for non-Goldshell users with high-quality works. Although we have not had the honor to provide you with services, we are very grateful for your contribution to the HNS community. We hope you will choose our company in the future and continue to support HNS project.

(Quota: 2  Prize: 1 HS1-PLUS)

★ Work Award:
The Goldshell team will select works that include the Goldshell miner experience based on the quality of the work and the discussion. Participants are hoped to express their views and suggestions on the Goldshell team.

(Quota: 2  Prize: 1 HS1-PLUS)

★Lucky Prize:
All users who submit their personal works can participate in the lottery

Registered address:

(Quota: 1  Prize: 1 HS1-PLUS)

Lottery rules: Take out the HASH value of the 31850th block of HNS, use the last 2 hexadecimal numbers, convert it into a decimal number, and then divide by the number of participants, and the remainder obtained is used as the winning serial number. For example, take the 30906th block of HNS as an example (, its hash value is 000000000000000958494abe1f1828f24b8ee5e4551ee7a83e153bf9398091f4, and the last two hexadecimal numbers are 0xf4, which is converted into decimal numbers as 244. If a total of 100 people participated in the activity, the number would be the remainder 44 of 244/100.

The HNS project needs to be understood and recognized by more people. For both Goldshell and HNS holders, promoting the influence of HNS is beneficial to the entire ecology.